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First called Glenville and later Glensfork, "Hardscratch" has been a destination since the late 1800's. According to legend, civil war veterans, returning from war, often remarked that the people in this area had to scratch hard for a living. Apparently the phrase stuck, and residents have called the area by that name ever since.
Many older residents can remember when there were several stores, a bank, a barber shop, a Post Office, and a Masonic Lodge in the little village. The Post Office and Lodge sign still stand, but only as fading memories of the way things once were.
‘ole time Hardscratch
Today’s Hardscratch
Ken, Vickie, and Jake Hill purchased the store when it closed in 2005. Without a local Country Store you never really get to know your neighbors. Friends and Neighbors still get together every day to share stories, local news, and good food. Both the 1st and 2nd Amendments are alive and well in Hardscratch!
Some of the items inside the store have a history all their own. The wood-burning cook stove (No, it's not for sale.) belonged to Vickie's Grandmother. It came up the Cumberland River to Creelsboro, Kentucky on a steamboat, around 1937. In it's day it was the ultimate status symbol for a country woman, and when land was $25.00 per acre, this stove cost over $250.00.
A nice arrangement of “Gifts by Vickie” are arranged atop an antique Gibson Ice Box, once used by Ken’s Grandparents. The old wooden box is actually a drawer salvaged from the Country Store in Creelsboro, before it was demolished in the late 1990’s.
The sign says it all!
Thanks to all our loyal friends, customers and supporters, the moon still rises over a Village of Hardscratch that is alive! To learn more about the community please visit our Blog regularly
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